Our top 10 most popular wedding songs.

Every wedding season there is a great, new range of songs that are making waves in the wedding industry. Some are completely new, others revitalised as trends come and go and also there are the ones that just never seem to leave.

This wedding season is no different and love them or hate them, they are many well written songs to choose from that can be your special song for your first dance, for cutting of the cake or for many special moments on the night.

Our top 10 list this year, aren’t just for your first dance, but could be for a number of times during the night.

Here are our top ten;

  1. All Of Me – John Legend
  2. Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  3. Bonfire Heart – James Blunt
  4. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
  5. You Are The Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne
  6. Addicted To You – Avicii
  7. Single Ladies – Beyonce (Still Going Strong)
  8. Moondance – Van Morrison (Revitalised)
  9. Not Fire, Not Ice – Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals
  10. River of Dreams – Billy Joel (Revitalised)

It’s interesting to see that Beyonce and her hit Single Ladies released in 2008 is still a classic that people are passionately requesting at their weddings, usually for the throwing of the bouquet. We are often asked as Professional DJ’s and Entertainers, is it OK to have this song even if it’s cliche? The simple answer is yes, but naturally it depends on your style. You may have heard it at another wedding or on the radio but on the night of a wedding it’s simply good fun, it creates energy and builds up an atmosphere that is critical to the success of the night.

These are the songs that are making headlines in general but we are also seeing more and more obscure and left-of-field choices. This is great as people love to hear something new and, more importantly, unique to the bride and groom.

When choosing your ‘first dance’ song there’s a few things that you need to ask yourself:

What song sticks out in your mind that gives you ‘that feeling’? Is there a song that you first heard when you were dating? Have you got a song that you danced together for the first time? Was there something on the radio the first time you kissed? It’s ok if you don’t have a song for these moments. You might want to think of other reasons to choose a song. What did my mum and dad dance to at their wedding? What song epitomises this year? What song will make people laugh or cry? What song will we remember forever?

Remember it is your song so it is your choice. Get advice and other’s opinions but make sure the song is special for you, not everyone else.

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