The Ceremony is one of the most personal moments on the day of any wedding. The last thing you need to be worrying about is the organisation of ceremony music or bad audio.

The Advantages

Music can relax people, it has the ability to make you laugh and cry. Infinity Entertainment take the stress away organising the music through to providing the equipment needed to ensure everything sounds the way it should.

Not only do we work with you to select the songs that suit your style but also consider the music while guests are arriving and as the ceremony concludes. We also discuss the traditional aspects such as processional, recessional and signing or the register.

Above all we believe music should be unique to the occasion.

How It works

We provide a personalised solution based on your needs. This includes a staff member to manage the music and transition through each moment.

We also work with celebrants to provide a professional solution for a flawless ceremony. Celebrants tend to love this solution as not only does it make their life easier but also avoids awkward moments that can arise when juggling so many tasks on such an important day.

What comes next…

If you are already planning on using one of our entertainment solutions for your reception this package can simply be added to your existing quote.

If you are just looking at this package, we will sit down with you in person, discuss your requirements and make sure every aspect is covered. Leading up to the day we do all of the leg work, from planning through to delivery, we will make your day an event to remember.