Five tips to get people dancing at your wedding!

OK, so let’s jump straight into it…

  1. If you are the bride and groom. Get on the dance floor.

    It is often overlooked and is such a simple concept to grasp: if the Bride and Groom are dancing your guests will dance as well. If you’re not interested, why should they be? You are the reason the guests are here on this amazing day and they want to celebrate with you. It’s the reason that everyone joins in following the first dance.

    The best example I can give is when a Bride (not all brides) go outside for a cigarette, naturally all the smokers follow. I love it when a bride leads by example, so go on, jump on the dancefloor…

    If your not a dancer… Don’t worry there are another four steps you can follow.

  2. Give people a reason to dance.

    Asking in today’s day and age unfortunately is not enough… Ask yourself, what is it that is really going to get people off their seats and onto the dancefloor? Is it the atmosphere? Is it the music? Is it the lead up to certain moments on the night?

    Personally I feel it’s all of these and more, but anything you can do to involve your guests and make the night fun and enjoyable will pay off.

  3. Don’t cut out classic or cliché songs.

    I am personally not a Macarena or Nutbush fan and would much prefer to listen to something original. However, this is not going to get people dancing.

    For those who have been to weddings in the past you would have heard songs like these being played. It is however important to remind yourself that not everyone has the same tastes in music, and the reason songs like this are played is because they get people dancing. They remind guests of their childhood (or teenage-hood) and get them off their seats.

    Trust your DJ to play songs that are requested, trust them to get people on the dancefloor, and importantly discuss your style with the the DJ prior to the night. Afterall, this is why you hired a professional and you need to rely on their experience to get people up. You may be surprised when you start dancing to them yourself.

  4. Don’t be afraid to try something unique.

    I mentioned earlier you need to give people a reason to dance. Why not incorporate this concept throughout the night. What can you do to get people dancing?

    I’m not going to give away all of our tips and tricks, but think of moments such as the introductions, first dance, cutting of the cake and good byes at the end of the evening and ways you can get your guests involved. Think of special people that you have invited and songs that may prompt a memory or a bit of a laugh.

  5. It’s not all about the music.

    Most DJ’s will argue music is everything and for this reason alone you will find having a professional miles and miles ahead of your average DJ. They are entertainers, they create a night full of fun, activities, and moments that you may never have thought possible. 

    Personally I believe it’s not all about the music and here is my example why… We could play the best music in the world for your event and no one will dance, because without atmosphere and experience, it’s just music. Combine the music with atmosphere and experience and you will have the best night ever!
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