Do you want people to dance at your wedding?

Well obviously the answer is Yes. We all do. But it’s not just a matter of playing the right music. After all anyone can press play.

Creating the right atmosphere on your night starts in the planning stages and relies on three key areas which can help make your night the one everyone is talking about for months to come…

Hence why at Infinity Entertainment we create an event to remember and truly believe quality entertainment matters.

  1. Choose a professional Master of Ceremonies
    A trained and experienced Master of Ceremonies will coordinate the night ensuring everyone understands what is happening next. This isn’t just about introducing speeches or making announcements that meals will be served shortly. It’s all about creating a flow throughout the night that builds momentum and suspense. It’s leading up to key moments and creating an atmosphere where people enjoy the entire night, from speeches through to dancing all night long.

  2. Create moments
    Create moments throughout the night. A wedding day can be very long and it’s important to keep your audience interested. Things that some people would consider boring, others consider fun.

    A great example of this is the “Cutting of the Cake”. Ask yourself how you can make this moment more special to everyone else on your special day. If you can’t think of anything ask us. In the past a great approach for this has been playing a song from your parent’s wedding, possibly their wedding song during the cutting of the cake. Not only do your parents recall the song, they remember it for years to come and this brings back memories from the best days of their life.

    And there are many more moments you can create, from introductions, speeches, games and goodbyes.

  3. Music
    Music is naturally a critical part of any wedding but it only accounts for a third of the night as you can see above. To ensure that everyone has fun is why you hire a Band or a Wedding DJ Specialist. The experts build the atmosphere from start to finish. We liase with all of the parties involved in the night and take people from their formal mindset of a ceremony to a fun, energetic and enjoyable reception.
  4. If you do all of the above well and work with an expert in each of these areas, I’ll want to be a guest at your wedding!
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