How much can you expect to pay for a wedding DJ?

So you have started planning a wedding… maybe it’s yours, maybe your helping with a friends, maybe it’s someone from your family. You’ve called or emailed multiple DJs to get quotes and the price range shows a quite dramatic difference, with some starting around $600 and others, like us, with prices starting upwards of $1200. So what are you getting for the difference in the price?

The biggest thing that makes up this price difference is experience but it’s also how your event is delivered. An amateur DJ who is offering packages starting from $600 may have had some experience working at parties and school formals but have they had much experience running weddings? And if they do, what is it that they actually do on the night?

A modern Wedding DJ will not only entertain the crowd but will often MC, having done this for many years. We have personally found that being a successful Wedding DJ is a lot more than just arriving on the night setting up equipment and playing some music, it comes back to the atmosphere you create and how you will make your guests laugh, smile and celebrate.

As professional entertainers we have a lot of work to do before your big day even arrives. This includes assisting you with your introductions, helping you to pick songs, working out the timing of your dances, liaising with your venue and when we can access the venue to set up, what layout options will work best to ensure you have a full dance floor.

The list of work is endless, but while we can look at multiple DJ Packages ranging from $600 to $1200 plus and see roughly 5hrs of music, a DJ with a professional set up will often spend anything from 2hrs setting up prior to the reception, and then another 1hr packing up after your event. Personally (and it’s hard to comprehend) but at Infinity Entertainment we often spend 10 to 20hrs planning your dream wedding before we even setup on the night of your event.

Ok so there’s a lot of work that a professional DJ does behind the scenes that an amateur DJ will not do for you, but really will your guests notice the difference between the amateur DJ and the professional DJ?

Yes they will. A professional DJ reads the crowd, changing music to make sure you have people up dancing and enjoying themselves rather than sitting at tables looking awkward.

An amateur DJ may select the play list and simply press play. A professional wedding DJ will however be three steps ahead, ensuring guests can make requests and feel comfortable with them. They focus on great music but also the 1% differences that make a night flow smoothly. A professional DJ has years of experience and this shows not only in their execution of events, but also in the way they conduct themselves both during the planning stages of your wedding and also on the day.

So should you risk your wedding on the $600 amateur DJ or is it worth changing the budget to get the professional DJ?

If you don’t want to spend the night worrying about timing of meals and dances clashing or that people won’t be up dancing then I think you already know the answer. It comes down to the old saying “You get what you pay for”.

At Infinity Entertainment we don’t hide from our pricing, it’s listed on our website for everyone to see. The reason for this is that we believe our clients are much like ourselves. They are planning to be married and understand that entertainment matters and will form a critical part to their big day. We believe and feel that our clients are smart enough to respect and understand the true value we deliver.

But… To truly understand what you are paying for, simply arrange a consultation to see for yourself what a professional Wedding DJ offers. At the very least you will be inspired by some of the things you learn.

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