Band or DJ? How to choose.

Selecting the right music for your next event doesn’t need to be hard. Deciding if you choose a DJ or a Band, in most cases, is the first step.

There are a few things to consider when deciding which to choose and in some cases both can be a perfect option. Both a band and a DJ can play a variety of music and can build a great atmosphere. The question generally comes down to asking yourself “What audience am I expecting at my next event?”

This seems very straight forward but by getting an idea of the crowd you are expecting at your next event is the core reason to select either a DJ or a band. From our experience as an entertainment agency we try and give you the complete picture, by asking questions like “How many guests are you expecting?” – “What age group is your audience?” and finally “What style of music do you like?”. This helps us paint a picture of your night and get an idea of the style of event you are having.

If your audience is widely varied and has a lot of different tastes in music a DJ may be more suitable. If you’re planning a wedding where a Jazz or Swing band is the style you are after, a band may be more appropriate. Finally if your after a mix of both, DJs and bands commonly work together. As an example, you may want a Jazz group to play music at the beginning of the night and finish with a DJ to widen the variety of music.

A few interesting points…

  • Bands can play a wide range of music. I have danced all night to a Jazz band playing classic 90’s hits combined with new releases. Bands have the ability to read the crowd.
  • Bands can be great for themed events. Imagine a 3 course meal in a sophisticated environment finishing of with a classical guitarist.
  • DJs are no longer considered cheap and tacky. There are many professional groups who offer very high quality professional setups that suit any event.
  • DJs usually carry a huge range of music to suit many styles. They can judge the mood of the crowd and adjust the music accordingly. They can also take crowd requests, where-as a band may have a limited set of music.
  • DJs in some instances are professional MC’s and do this for a living. Having a perfect introduction at a wedding reception or controlling a crowd for the announcement of speeches can be an art form and can make your special night run much smoother.
  • Dancing with a DJ or a band will get everyone involved. There’s nothing like watching your grandma do a rock-and-roll dance and then move on to an upbeat 80’s classic – you just know your night has been a success.

In summary remember to ask yourself what kind of night do you want and what do you think your guests will enjoy. We hope this will help you narrow down the style of music you require.

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