It’s time to ditch the iPod.

Do we even need a blog post about this? It’s your wedding, the single most important, memorable, unique and fun day of our lives. Please ditch the iPod.

The Modern Wedding DJ is stylish, sophisticated, elegant, unique, fun, memorable and fresh. They not only play music extremely well, they coordinate, host and build anticipation throughout the night. All in your style and something an iPod simply can’t do.

  • The Modern Wedding DJ is normally your MC (Master of Ceremonies).
  • He can now be and often is a she.
  • They understand that building a unique atmosphere is where the success lies in their business and your wedding night.
  • Their setups are no longer museum pieces and are constantly changing.
  • We’re fresh, not what has been done the same way, over and over again.
  • We care and are authentic in everything we do.
  • We are the host at your event. Let’s make people laugh and smile.
  • It’s likely we will end up being a great friend for many years to come.

If, and there is always an if, your budget simply can’t be stretched, twisted and turned to ensure you have quality entertainment, we’ll let you get away with an iPod. But… I expect a call so we can give you other ideas on how to make the night amazing!

Although it’s a short blog, the idea is simple. Ditch the iPod.

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