Finding out the hard way! How a playlist for 5hrs turns into 10-12hrs.

So you or someone special has hit a milestone birthday and you’re on party planning duty. You’ve picked a venue, probably spent countless hours selecting finger food options or even more time planning out how to cook them yourself.

Now you’ve realised the party needs a soundtrack to help bring it all together, and depending on the venue you need a way to play the music. So you’re stuck sitting at the computer making a playlist and downloading a heap of music that you wouldn’t normally be interested in.

How do I know you ask? Because this has been me in the past. 

What’s even more frustrating… You set up an iPod with a playlist you love, thinking everyone will dance with you. Suddenly you find everyone’s sitting around the edges of the room, not dancing because your cousin’s boyfriend has changed the songs over to some obscure song you have never heard before. Suddenly, all your friends are looking at you seeming to wonder if this is your secret taste in music.

This is where hiring a professional DJ for those special birthdays really becomes a huge advantage. An experienced DJ will help shape the night into one that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

They can read a crowd and instinctively know when to play a party classic like the Nutbush to get people up and dancing or avoid it. They know when a pub anthem is needed so that everyone can scream along at the top of there lungs. They know from looking at the age range and from chatting to you if they should focus on current hits or be looking at hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s. They will find music to suit your occasion and will happily play requests while providing a line of defence against those odd music tastes.

It sometimes needs a lesson in finding out the hard way, but a good DJ will help with fun suggestions on how to make your party unique rather than doing the same thing that you have seen at every other birthday. They can help you carry a theme through the night and help with announcing formalities such as the cake, speeches and even special games.

I know some people will say ‘yes but DJs have a price tag attached’ and yes they do. But so does the time of the person organising your event – be it yourself or someone else.

Finding the right music takes time, a lot of time, particularly when you look at most parties taking place over a period of 5 or more hours. We hand the other big jobs like making the spectacular cake over to someone experienced and maybe it’s time to free up your time and hand over the music and running of your night to someone experienced as well.

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