9 helpful tips to choosing the right venue for your next event.

A venue is normally the first box everyone ticks when planning an event. Here are a few tips that will make your event even more succesful.


What is essential for you for your next event? Do you need lots of space or will a small venue do?. Is onsite accommodation or location more important? Are you trying to impress with a seminar everyone will remember? Try to identify what you want from a venue before you start looking. It’s a common sense tip that is often overlooked.


The venue you choose should reflect the style of your event. If you’re after a modern and fresh image or a moody, romantic one make sure your venue reflects this. Try to visit your venue at the same time of day as you’ll be having your event. Talk to your entertainment or venue coordinator about lighting styles and think creatively about how you can portray the right message to your clients.


How many guests are you expecting? Such a simple yet important factor. If you are having 100 guests, seated, standing, networking, etc. The space you require differs. The last thing a networking event requires is guests spread from one end of a room to another. Believe it or not there is a thing as “too much space” and “too little space”.


Proximity is very important. It may be that you are looking at connecting your guests with a metropolitan vibe, it may be that you are after a country get away where you stay on location for the entire week. The choice is yours, but be sure to consider proxomity as it will reflect the message you are giving to your guests and can take away from the overall experience.


Make sure you are clear on your budgeting. If your aim is to deliver a successful conference that has your guests talking about it for months to come you may want to put some more money toward technical aspects such as Audio and Visual, Technical Components, Backdrops and Customised Lighting.

Be sure to understand how long it will take to prepare your event and budget for professionals to deliver the event you are dreaming of. Access is important and simple things such as power requirements may also need to be considered.

Create a Venue Checklist

A simple checklist to ensure you have all aspects covered is a simple and effective way to ensure you are ticking all of the boxes.

Be sure to refer back to your priorities. What is it that you are really passionate about? What is it that you are trying to achieve? Focus on this and don’t get overwhelmed with the small details. Your primary goal should be your primary focus.

Pass On Your Message

Branding, imagery and style are essential. Be sure to consider a venue that has the flexibility required to deliver your message. This may be simple projection screens promoting your key message. This could be a main stage promoting a guest speaker through to live music and entertainment in general.

Physical Access

Smaller details such as where will your guests park, does the venue have disabled access, is there onsite accommodation and is the venue heated and cooled are often overlooked tips.

Entertainement Matters

We’re all about entertainment and the delivery of an amazing event, so it would be unwise of us to not mention one of the most important aspects. Entertainment Matters…

Your guests may come for great content and networking. But the key ingredient is fun… To empower and inspire your guests you need to make sure they have a good time.

By asking these simple questions and taking these tips on board you are well on your way to an amazing event.

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