How to choose a great mobile disco company.

Choosing a Mobile Disco Company can be quite difficult. It’s very similar to choosing a DJ but there are a few things to look for that will make your night an event to remember.

Always consider the following:

  • Will the company arrange a meeting or consultation with you?
  • Does the mobile disco company have good reviews?
  • Do they support the local community?
  • Are they popular on forums and social media sites?
  • Look for positive reviews and testimonials
  • Is their website easy to navigate and clear on information?
  • Do they look professional?
  • Are they are upfront with their pricing and provide you with a detailed quote?
  • Do they make any extras clear from the start?
  • Do they employ quality and professional staff with experience?
  • Do they ask you questions to make sure your night runs smoothly?
  • Look at photos of their equipment and ask yourself does this suit my event?
  • And finally do they work with the venue if required?

Overall, choosing the right mobile disco company can be quite tricky, but keep in mind these points and your sure to be on track for a great night. Asking friends and family and seeing who is involved within the community is always a sure bet.

Thanks from Infinity Entertainment and good luck with your next event.

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