The DJAA is transforming the DJ Industry.

Firstly it’s safe to say I am a little biased when it comes to this topic but I firmly believe it needs to be said.

The DJ Alliance Australasia (DJAA) is transforming the Wedding DJ Industry. And not just the wedding industry but Mobile DJs in general and the perception of how DJs are perceived across Australia.

As I mentioned. I am slightly biased in this view having helped shape the vision of the DJAA many years ago as a founding member and supporter of the EVO groups which many of you will know. But since stepping aside and putting focus back on my clients and business from my previous position as a committee member, I can safely say that from an outsider’s point of view, the DJAA is leading the way and making real, valuable change to the industry.

From humble beginnings with leaders like John Beck, Peter DeWeaver, James Cottingham and Thomas Ormond just to name a few. They have all stepped up to create a better industry.

Just as inspiring is the hard work being done behind the scenes in the official DJAA committee with people such as Steve Bowen, Brian Davis, Serge Olivieri, Glenn Mackay, and Nik Edser just to name a few.

I vividly recall walking away from the second EVO group meeting when we discussed where the group was heading. I was inspired and determined to be involved and help make a difference, because in my mind something was missing from within our industry that I had seen in many others. And I wanted to change that.

Days later, and I wish I could find a copy, I typed up a seven step plan to becoming an association. Needless to say, from here the hard work has been completed by the people above and they should take a bow and be applauded for the commitment.

Over the years there have been many people against the idea of the DJAA. To those who still struggle with the idea of joining and helping to create a better industry I say that’s OK. For those who say they are open-minded and want to help our industry grow, I say join.

The time is now and you have nothing to lose, I will see you at the DJAA National Conference in August, and walk away a more educated and better off person because of it.

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